Advantages of refrigeration compressor unit

- Sep 29, 2018 -

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Refrigeration compressor unit is composed with refrigeration compressor, condenser, solenoid valve, oil separator, receiver, oil glass, return filter and etc


Advantages of refrigeration compressor unit


A. Use multiple compressors in parallel, the system can be a reasonable choice of cooling capacity of the rich configuration, to achieve the best configuration.

B. Multiple compressors are connected in parallel for central cooling. When one of the compressors fails, the operation of the whole system will not be affected, the temperature of the freezer will not fluctuate, and the fault compressor can be separately disassembled and repaired.

C. When only part of the cold storage is opened, the system can automatically store all the cold on the cold storage which is opened in the automatic operation mode, which can greatly shorten the precooling time, ensure the freshness of the fruits and prolong the preservation time.

D. When only part of the refrigerator is turned off, the system can automatically control the start and stop of the compressor according to the load condition in the automatic operation mode so as to save energy.

E. The system automatically integrates the compressor running time, alternating operation, to prevent compressor wear, prolong the service life of the compressor.

F. When the compressor part of the unit work, the condenser has a lot of surplus surface area, can enhance the heat transfer effect, reduce the condensing pressure and improve the work efficiency of the unit.

G. Microcomputer control system, make centralized control possible and realize remote fault alarm and unmanned duty.



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