Advantages of screw compressor

- May 07, 2015 -

1 Screw air compressor has the advantages of high stability, high efficiency, low vibration, low noise and other advantages. The

2 The combination of the yin and yang rotor and the rotor and the casing is set so that the gas leaks less and there is no clearance volume at the same time, so the efficiency is high. The

3 Injected lubricating oil with seal, cooling and lubrication

4 Small parts, no suction, exhaust valve. The

1, host: European and American brands, excellent performance, reliable operation. The

2. Motor: The efficiency of class F air-cooled motors exceeds the EFFL standard. The

3, the drive system: the motor drive end application of compressor oil lubrication, high efficiency, maintenance-free, high reliability. The

4, fan: cooling air volume, low noise. The

5, cooling system: The use of plate-fin structure, and high-quality materials to ensure that the cooler pressure, high heat dissipation, corrosion resistance is good. The

6, air filter: heavy-duty, multi-stage air inlet filter, dust removal accuracy of 1um (98% was filtered), large contact surface, long service life. The

7. Oil/Gas Separator: The new generation of separators uses a new filter material that is more efficient and has an air content of less than 2 ppm. The

8. Intelligent controller: All operations and related data of the air compressor operation are displayed on the control panel, and the control is made between your fingers, which is easy, convenient and accurate. The

[High performance, high efficiency]

Air Compressor Equipment - Screw air compressors use high-capacity compression components, which have a low external rotor speed and optimal oil injection, achieving high efficiency and high reliability. CompAir's latest design ensures extremely low system and compressed air temperatures. Ensure that all parts have the best cooling effect and maximum service life. The

[Maintenance-free, highly reliable and efficient drive concept]

Air Compressor Equipment - Screw Air Compressors Drive compression components with high-efficiency drive systems at the optimum speed for the application. No maintenance is required during normal operation. The

[Low maintenance cost]

Air Compressor Equipment - Screw Air Compressors The original compressor design saves unnecessary maintenance costs. All parts have a long life design, large inlet filters, oil filters and fine separators ensure optimum compressed air quality. All oil filters and all types of separator components within 22 kW (30 hp) are centrifugal open and closed, further reducing maintenance time. "Speed up to maintenance points" allows maintenance work to be completed in minutes, with reduced downtime and maintenance costs. The

[Built-in smart control]

To reduce operating costs, precise operational controls are essential. All CompAir rotary screw compressors are equipped with intelligent control systems and their control menus are easy to use.

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