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Air cooled chiller :



                   Chart 1


Chart  1 - air-cooled chiller use shell and tube evaporator to have water heat exchange with the refrigerant, refrigerant system absorption heat from water, the water cooling down, through the role of the compressor and bring heat to condenser, and then through cooling fan to outside



air cooled chillers - characteristics

1. No need Install the cooling tower , easy to install, mobile and convenient, suitable for Lack water place and lack of space .

2. Low noise fan motor, excellent cooling condensation effect, stabilize the throttle body, excellent antirust processing.


Water cooled chiller


  Chart 2

As shown in chart2, at the beginning low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas evaporative and then were sucked into the compressor  , then compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas to condenser; High pressure high temperature gas after the condenser cooling gas condensate into normal temperature and high pressure liquid; When the room temperature high pressure liquid into the thermal expansion valve, low temperature low pressure became wet steam, into the shell and tube evaporator, absorbed the heat of water in the evaporator, water temperature drops; the evaporation refrigerant and then back into the compressor , repeated under a refrigeration cycle, so as to realize cooling purposes.



Water cooled chillers - characteristics


1. cold quantity loss less

2.  use refrigerant R404A, R410a and R22 / R407C, refrigeration temperature and meet environmental protection requirements;

3. The temperature range: - 5 ℃ ~- 60 ℃ between process chilled water (user according to different production requirements, choose different water temperature of the machine specifications;

4. Need to install cooling tower ,water pump and warm keeping tank .

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