Air Cooler Refrigeration Principle

- Oct 29, 2018 -

Evaporative cooling can purify the environment.The cycle of indoor and outdoor air can ensure the indoor air fresh.This method is more applicable for some industrial manufacturing plant.The use of evaporative cooling principle makes the inside of the honeycomb structure around.The wet curtain increase humidity by the water circulation system design principles.This new technology makes the use of chillers more convenient and the cost is reduced.

Wet and dry air play a role.This chiller turns on, they dry-bulb temperature and outdoor air exchange.Negative pressure promote this process completed. The cooling performance will be better if there is big temperature difference.

When the chiller turns on,the negative pressure is generated in the inner vial, which absorbs the heat from the evaporated water and causes the air to cool. At same time,the flow of water causes the temperature increase.Both cooling and humidifying effects increased.


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