Causes and Solutions of Condenser Pressure Rises

- Oct 21, 2018 -

1. Condenser selection is too small.Replace or add up condensers

2. Condenser put into operation less.Increase the numbers of running

3. Lack of cooling water flow.Increase the number of pump operation,increase water flow

4. Cooling water temperature is too high.Replenish low temperature water(tap water or well water);Use red water;Ensure the cooling effect of cooling tower.The cooling tower is installed outdoors.Due to the function of the fan,there will be a lot of dust,leaves,insects,etc. Into the tower for a long time which will result in cooling tower packing,plumbing and other plug,another use for a long time,water distributor hole will be clogged debris or scale,affecting the cooling effect,which requires regular cleaning of the cooling tower and keep clean.When the water temperature is close to the air wet bulb cooling tower fan should be closed to reduce power consumption.


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