Classification of air conditioning

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Classification of air conditioning 

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Classification by function


Cooling only type: suitable for areas where summer is hot and warmer in winter, or areas with adequate heat supply in winter.


Cool and heat type: it is suitable for areas which is hot in the summer and cold in winter . We should also pay attention to selecting the air conditioner with more heating capacity than cooling capacity to ensure the heating effect.


According to function classification, the air conditioning can be divided into three types: cooling only type,Cool and heat type and electric auxiliary heating type. The cooling effect of the cool only air conditioning is outstanding, which is suitable for use in summer, while the cool and heat air conditioning has two functions of cooling and heating, which can both cool down in summer and keep warm in winter. Therefore, in the autumn and winter, choose cool and heat air-conditioner for keeping warm is the selection. 


Classification according to structure and shape


Window type air conditioner: indoor and outdoor machines are integrated into one, suitable for small area rooms, convenient installation and low price, but loud noise.


Split wall mounted air conditioning: not limited by installation position, easy to match interior decoration, low noise and high quality of installation.


The split vertical air conditioning system has the advantages of high power and strong wind, and is suitable for large areas, but the noise is high.


Ceiling type air conditioning: the floor area is very small, the air supply distance is far away, the cooling effect is good, but is limited by the installation position, is not easy to clean.


Cassette air conditioner occupies a very small area with beautiful appearance, wide air supply area, good cooling effect, but high cost.


Central air conditioning: no occupying indoor space, no exposed pipeline, high comfort, no dead angle and good decoration, but the price is high and the installation is complex.


Different classifications of air conditioners according to the shape of the structure


It can be divided into window type, split wall hanging, split type cabinet, ceiling type, cassette type, central air conditioner and so on. As the size of the structure is different, the space that needs to occupy is also different. When choosing, it is best to choose the suitable structure according to the space size in the room.

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