Comparing Screw Chillers With Scroll Chillers

- Dec 17, 2018 -

If you are looking for a related small chiller (under 30 tons), you will have to purchase a scroll chiller. If are looking for a chiller is over 30 tons, you have a decision to make. Do you have the scroll or a screw compressor. There are several factors to consider when you make this decision:

· Scroll compressors are limited in size. Although technology is continuously improving and increasing their sizes, the current largest scroll compressor you can have is 40HP. So if you need a larger cooling capacity, you will need multiple compressors. While that can be a benefit, you need to insure that you do not get multiple compressors on a single circuit. Having that could lead to a service nightmare down the road.

· Screw compressors also have their own limitations. The smallest screw compressor is 30HP. That is, however, where their limitations end. On the high end, we have screw compressors in excess of 500HP. At that size, we don’t even have an air cooled condenser big enough to accommodate it. (It would only be installed on a water cooled chiller). Screw compressors are commonly looked as being a true industrial process option. “The right tool for the job.”

· Scroll compressors fit a good nice market. They are excellent for smaller process applications – specifically when the operating time is more sporadic (< 24hrs/day). We classify our scroll units as medium duty process chillers. Scroll chillers can handle longer run times depending on the environment. If you are planning on running your unit 24/7 and fit the load requirement (over 30 tons), we will always recommend the screw chiller than the scroll system. Screw compressor systems offer better capacity control options, are fully serviceable, and have a wider operating range.


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