High temperature solution for screw air compressor

- Mar 30, 2016 -

When a screw compressor is used by many manufacturers, it will be found that the screw air compressor has temperature when it is working, so tell them here is a normal phenomenon. However, if the screw compressor temperature at work time is too high then we should arouse our attention, because in this case, the high temperature, often represent the screw type air compressor you broke, so when the screw type air compressor temperature when we should immediately stop check. As to where to check.

Screw type air compressor high temperature solution: the premise is that the temperature of the machine room in the range of permission, the oil level is in normal state.

First of all, it is confirmed whether the screw air compressor is malfunction of the machine temperature measuring element. It can be proofread by another temperature measuring instrument. If we confirm that the temperature measuring element has no problem, then check the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the oil cooler, which is between 5~8 degrees. If the temperature is larger than this range, it indicates that the oil flow is insufficient, the oil way is blocked, or the temperature control valve is not completely opened. Please check the oil filter. Instead of the oil filter, we need to consider whether the flow is insufficient. Some models have oil flow regulation. Please adjust them to the maximum. Check whether the temperature control valve is normal. You can take down the spool and seal the end of the thermostat valve and force the oil to pass through the cooler. If the above way is not solved, it is necessary to consider whether there is foreign matter blockage in the oil way. If the temperature is less than the normal range, that is bad cooling, water cooling machine check whether the amount of water shortage, water temperature is too high, if the scale is cooler, oil cooling, air cooling radiator please check whether it is too dirty, whether the cooling fan is abnormal, the wind does not have enough, whether the wind pipe duct blockage, whether the wind the tube is too long, without relay fan, fan relay or relay fan fault is not open. If the radiator has the original grease. If the temperature difference is in the normal range, the machine is still hot. It shows that the heat output of the head exceeds the normal range. We should check whether the operation is over pressure, whether the oil is right, whether the oil is aging, whether the head bearing problem or even the end face friction. In addition, there is a broken valve, to check whether the screw type air compressor has a fault, fault oil valve fault generally will start to jump, the temperature rises straight up

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