How to deal with no cold water circulation in water chiller system?

- Jun 18, 2018 -

In general, the small industrial chiller has a cold water circulating pump inside, and the cold water machine (large) does not contain a cold water circulating pump. When the cold water system is assembled, the cold water circulating pump should be placed in the cold water system so that the cold water can be reflued and cooled in cold water after absorbing the heat of the cooling equipment, even if the cold water is supplied to the tube. A circulatory system is formed in the road.

It should be noted that when the cold water pump is in or out, it is suggested that the location of the cold water pump should be lower than that of the cold water storage tank. In this way, the circulating water pump can suck the cold water well, but in some cases, the cold water storage bucket (pool) may be higher than the water level of the water storage (pool) by the need or restriction of the installation environment. Then, the cold water system often occurs when the cold water system can not absorb the water, so that the cold water flow of the cold water machine will appear. In case of insufficient fault, chiller manufacturers can query the cause in the fault display of the chiller control panel.

1, use the hose from the pipe of the cold water storage tank (pool) back cold water circulation pump to fill in the water supply tube (open its small valve) and unscrew the small plug of the cold water circulating pump with the hand (if the water is out and tighten up) until the backwater to the cold water storage bucket (pool) has water reflux, and the hose is removed to see if there is gas. If it is, please continue to irrigate until there is no bubble and then turn off the small valve.

2, then open the chiller for 1~3 minutes. If there is large water in the main pipe, it will be OK.

3, if the water is insufficient or no water is returned, repeat the above irrigation action.

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