How To Make Sure That You Have An Original Bitzer Compressor

- Dec 30, 2018 -

For more than 80 years BITZER stands for innovation. But today counterfeit products are on the rise in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Product forgers are brazen and they are criminals with a lot of resources. We detect more and more fake Bitzer compressors and spare parts that are flooding into the market. Many fake Bitzer compressors are looking similar to the originals, but they are of poor quality.

To avoid these risks and to protect our customers’ safety and our reputation as a leading manufacturer of refrigeration compressors, BITZER is taking a more proactive approach to dealing with counterfeits.


· Scan the QR code

· Open the link in your browser, which is always beginning with  

· "Checking successful" appears as confirmation that the devise is authentic

· Compare serial number and the compressor model


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