How to replace the air conditioner compressor

- Mar 03, 2014 -

Machines also need continuous upgrading, so is the air conditioning compressor. In line with the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, the compressor is not functioning properly, so we need to replace the new machine.

1, cut off the power supply of the air conditioner, open the end cover of the connection line of the outdoor machine, unload the power line and control the connection line between the indoor and external machines, and bind the insulated tape separately.

2, in the two two-way valve and a three-way valve placed under a drip pan, with a wrench on the valve under the valve cap.

3, close the two - way valve and the three valve spool in clockwise direction with the inner six - corner wrench.

4, movable wrench respectively two two-way valve and a three-way valve connected on the cap slowly loosen, the refrigeration system of refrigerant flow out.

5. Slowly open the two - way valve and the three - way valve to release the residual refrigerant.

6, use the wrench to screw down the compressor to connect the box cover screw, take off the connection box cover and rubber pad, and pull out all the wiring on the connection plug of the compressor.

7, with a fixed nut sleeve wrench screw compressor under foot.

8, the welding joint is melted with the welding tool and the nozzle is opened with the pliers.

9, the compressor is raised vertically from the seat to remove the damping washer on the base. Note: if the system is dirty, the system should be cleaned before replacing the compressor.

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