Maintain and repair cold store correctly

- Sep 10, 2018 -

It is very important to carry out the maintenance and repair the cold store correctly and effectively.

1\In the freezer price operation,the refrigerator staff should always pay attention to the unit’s refrigeration compressor oil mirror surface, to ensure that the oil surface ensure the provisions of the oil within the scope of the mirror.

2\Before using the debugging freezer refrigeration unit, it is necessary to use professional equipment to check whether the power supply voltage used, whether the ambient temperature is within the normal operation range.

3\We must strictly maintain the freezer refrigeration unit,refrigeration cycle drying, especially when using a seamless pipe evaporator, do not let it rust. Steel shall not remain on the metal impurities, acids and water.

Only users operation in strict accordance with the technical specifications,manuals and carefully maintenance, the cold store can create more values for users.


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