Refcomp compressor series for air conditioning and refrigeration

- Jan 30, 2019 -

Refcomp compressor series for air conditioning and refrigeration

Since its birth in 1991 RefComp brand has been distinguishing itself for its innovative ability initially for the piston, then for the screw compressors. RefComp was the first Italian company to design, develope and produce a complete range of twin-screw compressors with an incorporated oil separator for specific application in the AC and industrial process fields. From the first compressors range called “S”, other series have followed such as the “W” models specific for the medium-low temperature in the industrial refrigeration and the “ES” series. This latter one was the first screw compressors range in the world expressly designed for refrigerant R134a application, still today considered as a “staus of the art” compressor. To further prove its technological excellence, RefComp was the first brand in the world showing in 2008 a screw compressor with an incorporated inverter, cooled by refrigerant.


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