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- May 10, 2018 -


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Use 5 to 6 dis-symmetrical tooth form screw rotors. The compressor runs stably with low noise and high efficiency. 

Compressor working process:

Compressor working process.png

The control scope of compressor capacity regulation: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

Characteristic: Imported twin-screw semi-hermetic compressor, using the third generation of 5 to 6 rotors energy saving design. Simple structure, less moving parts, and precise construction reduce friction loss to the minimum. Smoothly and quietly screw operation mean long and reliable life. The design of pressure differential oil supply system, taking away complicated oil circuit such as oil cooler, oil pump etc., easy to maintenance.


Scroll compressor:No volume efficiency; It could keep the least air leakage quantity in the compressor process. The capacity efficiency is more than reciprocating compressor by 20%-30%. There are five main components. Comparing with hermetic reciprocating compressor with same capacity, the number of components is much less, the failure rate is also much less and the average capacity of performance is higher—little electric consumption, low noise, low vibration, without suction and discharge valve plate, higher reliability and capacity efficiency under running pressure ratio within large scope. 

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