refrigeration compressor suction and discharge valve working principle

- May 09, 2018 -

A refrigerant gas compressor having a compression chamber in a cylinder block, a suction and a discharge chamber in a cylinder head, a suction and a discharge port provided in a valve plate for fluid communication between the compression chamber and the suction and discharge chambers in response to the opening and closing of flapper type suction and discharge valves attached to the valve plate, the suction and/or discharge valve port having a non-circular opening configuration divergently spreading from one narrow end to the opposite wide end in reverse proportion to the amount of upward movement of the suction and/or discharge valve from the face of the valve plate.


Screw compressor suction and dischage working principle.

Screw compressor suction and discharge principle.jpg 

Piston compressor structure

Discharge and suction valve.jpg 

Piston compressor suction and discharge valve working principle

Piston compressor working video.gif 

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