Refrigeration system of Cold Storage

- May 22, 2018 -

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1. Compressor (the key part):


Generally, the small cold storage selection of fully closed compressor. Medium-sized cold storage are generally selected as semi-enclosed compressors. The large cold storage uses the semi-enclosed compressor or the screw compressor. Ammonia refrigeration compressor can also be considered in the selection, because ammonia refrigeration compressor has a large power and can be used in one machine, but installation and management is rather cumbersome.


2. Evaporator: in general, fan is chosen as evaporator in high temperature storage, which is characterized by fast cooling speed, but easy to cause moisture loss of refrigerated products. And can store cold timely.


3. Condenser: condenser has air cooling, water cooling and air-water combined cooling. Air cooling is limited to small cold storage equipment and water-cooled condensers can be used in all forms of refrigeration systems.


4. Thermal expansion valve: thermal expansion valve is divided into internal balance expansion valve and external balance expansion valve. The inlet pressure of evaporator is felt under the diaphragm of internal balance expansion valve and the outlet pressure of evaporator is felt under the diaphragm of external balance expansion valve.


5. Storage tanks: store Freon to ensure that the refrigerant is always saturated.


6. Solenoid valve: prevent high pressure refrigerant liquid from entering evaporator when compressor stops, avoid low pressure and high pressure when compressor starts next time, prevent compressor from hitting liquid. In addition, when the temperature of the freezer reaches the set value, the thermostat moves, the solenoid valve loses power, and the compressor stops when the low pressure reaches the set value of shutdown. When the temperature in the freezer reaches the set value, the thermostat moves and the solenoid valve gets electricity. The compressor starts when the low pressure rises to the starting value of the compressor.


7. High and low pressure protector: prevents high pressure, low pressure, too low protection compressor.


8. Thermostat: the brain controls the cooling and stopping and defrosting of the freezer, and the fan turns on and off.


9. Dry filter: impurities and moisture in the filtration system.


10. Oil pressure protector: ensure that the compressor has enough lubricating oil.


11. Oil separator: its function is to separate the lubricating oil from the high pressure steam discharged from the refrigeration compressor to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the device. According to the principle of oil separation, the oil particles in high pressure steam can be separated under the action of gravity according to the principle of reducing the flow velocity and changing the direction of the flow. Generally, when the flow velocity is below 1m/s, the oil particles with diameter above 0.2mm in steam can be separated out. The commonly used oil separators are washing type, centrifugal type, packing type and filter type.


12. Evaporator pressure regulator: prevents evaporator pressure (and evaporation temperature) from falling below the specified value. Sometimes it is also used to adjust the evaporator pressure to accommodate changes in load.


13. Other refrigeration system accessories: door lock, hinge, handle, air curtain, etc.


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