Teach you how to avoid noise in the compressor work

- Mar 01, 2014 -

To be on a solid base, a compressor, the compressor by hand tight, the noise significantly reduced, will be hand to lift the noise increases, the compressor is generally base fixed damping rubber pad force or bolts are loose, the compressor base unstable caused, should adjust and tighten the bolts and replace the connecting part of the loss of elasticity of the washer.

Two, the refrigerator in the process of using such as noise, desirable waste bicycle tire, cut into 30 mm diameter circular shape, middle shear with a diameter of about 5 mm hole, and then from the outside to the center cut, so that the rubber block attached to the pipe. Make the back of the fridge and the wall face a certain dip angle. The back and the wall will dip from L to 3 degrees. After that, the side of the refrigerator will be large and the opening on the side will be small. The big side of the noise is more, should face the object; the small side of the noise come out less, should face the human activity area.

Three, check the adjustment of the connection between the external pipe and the box if the reinforcement is loose, so that the resonance of the compressor will be avoided. Therefore, the external pipeline must be fixed, the bolt should be added with the spring washer to prevent loosening. The fridge cushion is 3 to 6 centimeters high and the balance of four angles is adjusted to increase the air convection space in the bottom of the box. In this way, the noise of the compressor and the rest of the noise come out from the bottom of the box, reducing the noise from the sides and upper parts of the refrigerator.

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