To learn the maintenance of central air conditioning from indoor and outdoor

- Oct 10, 2014 -

Most of the users' central air conditioners have been used for a long time. When they are open in the next year, they will find some peculiar smell, or even feel a slight headache and respiratory discomfort after prolonged opening. After long term use, the central air conditioning will filter up the dust. If it is not cleaned up in time, too much dust will filter up the mesh and cause blockage. The central air conditioning will lose the effect of adjusting the temperature, and it will be easily damaged, and even there will be a fire hazard.

The best in every 1 to 2 months should be cleaned once a year or at least two times of cleaning, it can effectively remove the central air-conditioning evaporator on the various types of dirt, remove odor pollutants and air in central air conditioning, and regular cleaning to keep the indoor air clean, let us in the use of more healthy. If not in time to clean up, dust overdose, the backlog of filter, cause blockage, central air conditioning lost the role of temperature adjustment. Only a small amount of cleaning costs will save about 400 yuan per year.

1. maintenance and maintenance of outdoor units

First, to protect the fins of the condenser should be corrected, if there is a rewind.

Two. To clean the interior of the outdoor unit regularly to clean the surface of the shell and keep it clean.

Three. Remove the ash between the fin of the condenser regularly to ensure the ventilation and fluency.

Maintenance and maintenance of 2. indoor units

First, check whether the water pipe of the condensation water is smooth or not, if it is blocked, the clog should be cleared in time so as to make the condensation water smooth, otherwise it will overflow the water tray.

Two. Clean the dust on the fin of the evaporator regularly, and use the hard nylon brush to clean the ash. After washing, the dust can be used for dust absorption.

Three, regular (time interval is 1~2 months) to clean the inlet filter net of evaporator (or condenser). Can be cleaned with a small amount of detergent in the clean water, then rinse with clean water and put it on dry.

Maintenance of central air-conditioning end before summer

Running for a period of time after the end of the central air-conditioning system will accumulate dust filter, increase air resistance, thus causing reduced or blocked air flow decreases; will cause indoor air conditioning effect is not good, affecting the normal use. In addition, the long-term operation of the indoor machine will make the motor bearing wear seriously, the motor output power and noise increase, which will affect the normal life of the users. So the indoor machine should be maintained once a year. The main maintenance contents are: 1, cleaning the return air filter, cleaning the fin of heat exchanger, cleaning the centrifugal wind wheel, bearing maintenance and replacement. 2. Check the air volume of the fan coil outlet and the temperature of the outlet of the air outlet, clean out the dust of the tuyere and the air outlet.

For the maintenance of the central air conditioning, it should be from inside to outside, so as to achieve a full range of protection.

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