What are the reasons for the failure of the air compressor to start normally

- Aug 17, 2017 -

In the use of air compressor in the major companies will often encounter some can not start or slightly start shutdown phenomenon, caused a lot of inconvenience to the production schedule and work, if the operator in the encounter this kind of problem is to find and solve the trouble of the air machine can not start, that's great the benefits to the enterprise,

1. Look at the failure of the press keys. The fault caused by this factor is not difficult to solve, if it is pure air compressor lead to key causes of failure, as long as the key is the replacement of a can, but if it is caused by other reasons it is key failure, for example is the voltage is too low, it also can lead to air compressor without method start.

2, we should first eliminate some factors that do not cause air compressor failures, for example, the burned fuse, because this factor is common in ordinary families, let alone in large enterprises. Therefore, if the problem of air compressor can not start due to the burn out of fuse, this factor should be well solved. As long as the fuse is replaced quickly, it is successful.

3, the cause of the air compressor does not start there is a lot of, one of the most critical is the need of the staff carefully check and fault fault on cleaning, find out the cause of air compressor failure reasons can not be started, and then think method to resolve the fault, if it is to check the air compressor line and other small parts of equipment, will be required to find the specific reasons according to drawings, so it can reduce unnecessary links.

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