What are the reasons for the non start of the air conditioning compressor

- Mar 02, 2014 -

First, the pressure of the air conditioning system is normal. Using the air conditioning filling machine to check the pressure of the system, it is found that the pressure of the air conditioning system is normal when compared to the normal value when the air conditioning system is static. This basically wipe out short refrigerants to form the reason why the air conditioning does not work.

Check whether the working line of air conditioning system compressor is normal. Check battery positive pole one launch engine room F9 fuse 1 BSI intelligent control box one air conditioning machine one ground, this line is normal. Continue to check the battery positive pole one seat fuse one BSI one air conditioner one grounding machine, this line is also normal.

Check whether the pressure switch of the air conditioning system is normal. According to the circuit diagram, check the air pressure switch No. 1 foot's voltage 12V, short 1 feet and 3 feet, then fan rotate at high speed. After short connecting 1 feet and 2 feet, the speed of the launch engine increases: then the 1 legs and 4 feet are short, and the compressor doesn't work.

In fact, the failure of the compressor is not as complex as we imagined, if the failure of the general use of the above several methods can be effective analysis of the cause.

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