What is the best temperature for sea food cold storage?

- Sep 23, 2018 -

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Seafood has a high nutritional value.As people continue to pay attention to health, seafood is more and more popular. Fresh seafood became farmers and distributors’ problem. The construction of seafood cold storage just solve the problem of fresh seafood, then what is the most suitable temperature for seafood cold storage?


1\Seafood refrigerated storage

Seafood refrigerator is mainly used for the temporary turnover and trading of fresh seafood. The general storage period is 1~2days, the temperature range is -5~-12C


2\Seafood freezer

Seafood freezer is mainly used for long-term preservation of frozen seafood. The general storage period is 1~180days, the temperature range is -15~-20C


3\Seafood blast freezer

Seafood blast freezer is a quick freezer which is mainly for fresh fish in order to maintain freshness at the time of transaction so that it can be sold at a good price. General freezing time is 5~8hours.Temperature range is -25~-30C



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