Where is the difference between air energy heat pump compressor and air conditioning compressor?

- Oct 10, 2014 -

The heart is one of the most important parts of the body, maintaining the flow of blood and providing energy for the daily activities of the human body. In addition to the human body, many mechanical devices have their own heart. Take this year's very hot air heat pump, its heart is a compressor. The good or bad of the compressor directly affects the daily operation of the air energy heat pump.

In real life, the air source heat pump because of its high quality, most pricing is slightly higher than the heating equipment of the same, but we can still see some heat far below the market price to sell. Some friends bought this part of the heat pump back to use, found that the heat pump running noise, heat production general, even power consumption is far more than expected. Then it is likely that the producers of low priced products have used cheap heat pump compressors or air conditioning compressors.

The air energy heat pump absorbs the low grade energy in the air and gives this part of the energy to the compressor.  The opportunity of compression is to compress the energy and further increase the temperature. Finally, the energy is transferred to the condenser of the heat pump to let the heat go directly into the water and generate hot water. In this process, the compressor itself needs electricity, but the power consumption is related to the quality of the compressor itself. Common brands include Toshiba, MITSUBISHI and Copeland compressor, these manufacturers produced, although the cost is relatively high, but they are for the heat pump specially designed, using 1Kw power can produce 5kW heat, high-quality compressor, energy saving effect is better. The air energy heat pump compressor is especially loved by the customer, and the other quality is also tested by the practice.

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