Which equipments are needed for cold storage building

- Nov 04, 2018 -

There are mainly 5 parts for cold storage building:compressor unit, PU sandwich panel(include the insulation doors),air cooler, distribution box and copper tube.

1\Compressor unit

Cold storage refrigeration system working flow is from the compressor,suspense,tank,filter,expansion valve to evaporator

2\PU sandwich panel:

The commonly cold storage PU sandwich panel is 100mm which is made up of 0.4mm thickness steel plate and polyurethane foam. The thicker cold plate, the better insulation effect, can be customized according to customer’s need.

3\Air cooler:

Evaporator is a type of  wall-type heat exchange equipment, low temperature and low-pressure liquid refrigerant in the evaporator heat transfer side of the heat of vaporization,so that the heat transfer medium on the other side of the medium is cooled, the cooling medium is usually water or air.Therefore, the evaporator can be divided into two categories.Evaporator to cool liquid and cool air to evaporator.Most of the cold storage evaporator using the latter.

4\Distribution box

Distribution box needs to pay attention to the installation location.General power distribution will be installed next to the freezer door,so the freezer power cord is usually equipped with 1-2 meters beside the freezer door


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