Application Of Centrifugal Air Compressor

- Aug 10, 2016 -

Centrifugal air compressor is a kind of blade rotating compressor (that is, turbine type air compressor). In centrifugal air compressors, the high speed rotating impeller gives centrifugal force to the gas and expands the pressure of the gas in the diffuser channel, which improves the gas pressure. In the early days, the compressor was only suitable for low, medium pressure and large flow situations, but not for the attention of the people. Due to the development of chemical industry, the establishment of large scale chemical plants and refineries, centrifugal air compressors become the key machines for compressing and transporting all kinds of gases in chemical production, and occupy an extremely important position. With the study of gas dynamics achievement and the efficiency of centrifugal compressor increasing, due to high pressure sealing, small flow impeller machining narrow, the successful development of the key multi oil wedge bearing technology, solves the centrifugal air compressor to high pressure, a wide flow range of development issues, the scope of application of centrifugal the air compressor is extended, which can replace the reciprocating compressor on many occasions, and greatly expand the scope of application. The pressure of the high pressure centrifugal air compressor for industrial use is (150~350) x 105Pa, and the pressure of the centrifugal air compressor for gas injection in the offshore oil field is up to 700 x 105Pa. The flow of centrifugal blower used as blast furnace blast is large to 7000m3/min, and the power is 52900KW, and the speed is generally above 10000r/min.

Some basic chemical materials, such as propylene, ethylene, butadiene, benzene, etc., can be processed into plastic, fiber, rubber and other important chemical products. In the petrochemical plant producing this basic raw material, centrifugal compressor also occupies an important position and is one of the key equipment. In addition, in other industries such as oil refining, refrigeration, and other industries, centrifugal compressor is also the key equipment.

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