Four Reasons For The Unprovoked Leakage Of Central Air Conditioning

- Dec 15, 2015 -

The main reasons for the leakage of the central air conditioner are as follows:

1. copper tube insulation cotton is not reported well

Household central air conditioner pipeline all the brass, copper refrigerant inside the temperature is very low, if not insulation cotton wrap, quality or insulation has no good insulation effect to it, the pipeline above there will be a lot of condensation, and dripping wet, smallpox.

The solution is: it is recommended to choose some good quality insulation cotton, the copper tube with different diameters should use the corresponding diameter of heat insulation cotton, when the insulation cotton is wrapped, we must not leave any gaps between the thermal insulation cotton and the copper tube, and make sure that the copper tube will not be exposed.

2. drainage and indoor connection is not tight

The drainage pipe is mainly used in the condensed water discharge of the indoor machine, when it is connected with the indoor machine is to use soft connection, use clamps die, if the connection is not tight, the condensed water flows out from the gap.

Solution: after connecting end indoor machine and the drainage pipe to ensure the drainage experiment, not Water Leakage tight connection.

3. condensate water drainage is not smooth

The condensed water drainage indoor drainage pipe outlet is blocked up or the slope is not enough, will cause condensation of water drainage, and accumulated water tray in the indoor machine, water tray full will overflow, soaked ceiling.

Solution: the construction to ensure that the condensed water drainage slope is not lower than 1/100, the drain pipe and the indoor machine is connected to the indoor machine check whether there is water or dirt is blocked, the drainage pipe construction must be completed to ensure full water experiment, the condensed water discharge.

4. drain pipe is not insulated

The temperature of the condensed water inside the flow of cooling water discharge pipe is low, so the construction time must request package cotton insulation, part of the project company in order to save costs in no condensed water drainage pipe package cotton insulation, resulting in drainage tube with condensation, resulting in the Water Leakage.

The solution: all the condensate drain pipes must be wrapped in insulation cotton, and the standard and requirements for holding the thermal insulation cotton are the same as that of the copper tube.

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