How Do Centrifugal Compressors Realize Oil Cycle?

- Oct 20, 2016 -

The general lubricating system of the compressor consists of the main oil pump auxiliary oil pump oil cooler oil cooler oil filter high oil tank valve and the pipeline and other parts.

Lubricating oil tank lubricating oil tank is the oil supply and recovery of settlement and storage equipment for a heater is arranged inside before driving lubricating oil heating unit is guaranteed at the start of the lubricating oil temperature can rise to 3545 range to meet the needs of operation units to start back to the oil inlet and the suction tank located on both sides of the filter plate is arranged in the middle of the tank. Lubricating oil impurity deposition and gas release time so as to ensure the quality of lubricating oil in the tank side wall is provided with a liquid level indicator to monitor the changes of lubricating oil in the oil tank to prevent turbine lubricating oil mutation affects the unit safe operation of lube oil pump is generally configured to two a main oil pump is an auxiliary pump the operation required by the main oil pump lubricating oil supply system of main oil pump auxiliary oil pump failure or oil system failure. The low pressure automatically start running to set each lubricating point provide lubricating oil amount of the distribution of pump flow is generally 200350l/min outlet pressure should not be less than 0.5MPa in lubricating oil by vacuum pressure 0.08 0.15MPa to make the system into the bearing lubrication oil cooler oil cooler for lubricating oil temperature back to increase the cooling tank to control in the range of 3545 machine oil temperature in the oil cooler are generally equipped with two one with another backup when the cooler is put into use

The cooling effect can not meet production requirements when switched to the standby cooler to maintain production operation and will stop using the disintegration test to remove dirt after group equipped with lubricating oil filter oil filter is installed in the pump outlet for engine lubricating oil filter is an effective measure for ensuring the quality of lubricating oil

In order to ensure the safe operation of the filter unit are equipped with two sets of running a backup of a high tank high level tank is the normal operation of a protective facilities unit lubricating oil tank high from the bottom to the top vent by the oil lubricating oil return tank when the main pump failure and the auxiliary oil pump can not start at high the tank along the inlet pipe by gravity into the lubrication points to maintain unit idling process lubrication oil tank should generally need high time to maintain not less than 5min

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