How To Ensure The Normal Operation Of The Air Compressor In The High Temperature Environment In The Summer

- May 01, 2017 -

In summer, the first feeling of giving people is heat. As the earth's environment is destroyed, the summer is getting hotter and hotter, and the temperature continues to rise. Many countries have made energy conservation and environmental protection publicity for global warming. Our country requires all industrial production enterprises to adopt more energy saving and environmental protection devices to protect the environment.

As the piston air compressor is replaced by screw air compressor gradually, the market share is smaller and smaller, and screw air compressor can replace piston air compressor, so many enterprises use screw air compressor as the source of gas supply.

I believe you often use air compressors to know some routine maintenance measures for air compressors. Today, the blot air compressor will tell you how to maintain normal operation of air compressors in the hot season.

In summer, the weather is hot, but this time it is also the air compressor failure of the high season, the air compressor exhaust temperature of the common phenomenon, affecting the compressor efficiency, which can even make the air compressor stops running, and how to solve these problems? Here are some of the phenomenon of high temperature method of screw air compressor:

Ambient temperature: the air compressor operates well at an ambient temperature of 35-40 C, which is also better than this value, because the air compressor's high temperature exhaust failure is caused by environmental temperature.

The solution is to improve the ventilation system in the air compressor room, such as increasing the exhaust fan and the air guide pipe, leading the hot air generated by the air compressor to the air compressor room to reduce the temperature of the air compressor room, thereby reducing the exhaust temperature of the air compressor.

Two, the oil system: as the air compressor lubrication system, lubricating the compression head, reducing the wear and tear of the moving parts, reducing the exhaust temperature and other high air compressor oil temperature will directly lead to high exhaust temperature and oil temperature, which will also reduce the exhaust temperature.

Solution: check whether there is a clog in the oil system, reduce the oil flow rate, lubrication coefficient. For example, oil filter, heat converter (radiator), temperature control valve (thermostat valve) and so on, check whether lubricating oil is too small or leak, repair and replace parts and pipes that leak the lubricating oil, add the right amount of lubricating oil. If lubricating oil is dirty, impurities, such as carbon, colloid, etc., more new lubricating oils should be replaced, the whole oil system should be cleaned, the oil filters should be changed, and the temperature control valves should be corrected.

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