Invitation To The 2nd ‘Belt And Road Initiative’ International Symposium On Sustainable Refrigeration And Air Conditioning And A Series Of Related Symposiums

- Jul 24, 2018 -

Welcome to the ‘1st EU-China Symposium on Sustainable Energy Technologies’, the ‘2nd ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ International Symposium on Sustainable Refrigeration and Air Conditioning’, and the ‘2nd UK-China workshop for Renewable Energy and Phase Change Energy Storage Technologies in Buildings’, which will take place between 29th July and 1st August 2018, at University of Hull, UK.


Chair of the Symposiums, Professor Xudong Zhao, indicates that ‘the three events will be combined and jointly organized by 32 organizations from EU and China and sponsored by the European Commission, British Council, UK EPSRC, Innovate-UK, Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST)’. The combined event will address the scientific advances and trends of development in renewable energy, energy efficiency, phase change materials, sustainable refrigeration and air conditioning technologies, as well as potential applications of these technologies in data centres and other buildings.


The event programme will include:

• A dedicated inauguration session which has invited a number of important sectoral and governmental leaders from both China and Europe;

• A number of keynote and specific topic sessions which will enable communication and reporting of the latest scientific achievements in the addressed topics;

• A specifically tailored panel discussion session to conduct the EU-China Energy Dialogue among the selected governmental officers and policies makers, with the focus on the opportunities and challenges brought about from China’s One Belt and One Road Strategy;

• A few selected industrial talks which will allow the world-class business leaders to present the real world developments. In particular, a specific industrial talk session will be arranged to discuss the issues relating to globalization, trade, and business;

• Dedicated international collaboration and youth-talents training sessions which will help promote a wide range of EU-China collaboration and foster the next generation of world-class researchers.

All these arrangements together will facilitate the collaboration between the industrial and academic organizations and organizations and personnel, and thus, speed up the conversion from new initiatives to business in both China and EU.

The combined symposiums are also supported by 'ENERGY' journal and 'ENERGIES' journal. Papers in relation to renewable & sustainable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, sustainable refrigeration & air-conditioning, and data centre energy saving are called for submission to these symposiums. The high standard papers will be selected, reviewed and published in the special issues of the two journals which are both top standard ones in Energy Sector.

More information relating to the symposiums can be found on the event website:

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