What Are The Main Components Of The Screw Compressor?

- Jun 08, 2018 -

The main components of screw compressor include: casing, rotor, bearing, shaft seal, energy regulating device, oil pressure balance piston and so on.

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The casing is the main component of the compressor, generally for the split type. It is composed of the body, the suction end seat, the exhaust end seat and the two ends end cover.


The rotor is a pair of intermeshing screws with special spiral tooth shape. The convex profile is called the positive screw (or positive rotor) and the concave tooth is called the negative rotor.


The screw is generally integral, that is, the screw and shaft into one. The screw is usually made of medium carbon steel, alloy steel or ductile iron. After finishing, it needs to be balanced.


Bearing and shaft seal, screw of screw refrigeration compressor are supported by sliding bearing (main bearing) and radial thrust ball bearing. The main bearing pin is installed correctly in the suction end seat and the exhaust end seat. The thrust bearing is fitted with two on the exhaust side and two on the negative screw to bear a certain shaft internal force. The shaft seal of screw type refrigeration compressor is usually used friction ring type mechanical seal, which is mounted on the shaft of the active rotor coupling. Its structure and principle are the same as the shaft seal of piston refrigeration compressor.


The balance piston is caused by the difference in structure between the suction side and the exhaust side. The axial force acting on the positive screw is much greater than the axial force acting on the negative screw. Therefore, in addition to the thrust bearing installed on the positive screw, oil pressure balance piston is also added to reduce the load of the positive screw on the face of the sliding bearing and to reduce the axial force borne by the thrust bearing.


The energy regulating device consists of slide valve, oil cylinder, oil piston, four-way electromagnetic directional valve and oil pipeline. The piston is installed at the junction of two circles in the lower part of the cylinder wall, changing the position of the slide valve and regulating the refrigerating capacity.


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