New 8.5 TR And 11 TR Variable Speed Danfoss Compressors With IDV

- Jan 20, 2019 -

Variable Speed Danfoss Compressors With IDV

Danfoss has added new 8.5 TR and 11 TR (*) variable speed compressors with IDV(**) to its popular VZH range, giving commercial cooling manufacturers the market's most complete choice of variable speed scrolls with qualified drives for HVAC systems.

In particular, the new inverter scrolls are ideal for data center close control units, where they will enable precise and efficient cooling.

They're also an excellent fit for rooftop units, helping manufacturers to meet challenging new seasonal and part-load efficiency standards (IEER), like the US Department of Energy's energy conservation regulations coming into force in 2023. Likewise, for chillers, the Danfoss VZH range will enable OEMs to develop a competitive range of systems capable to exceed the demanding Ecodesign Lot 21 targets coming into force by 2021.


Luigi Zamana, Senior Marketing Director for Danfoss Commercial Compressors, says: "The extended VZH range also gives OEMs the opportunity to work with a single, proven supplier of pre-qualified variable speed compressor and drive packagesss, there are today more options for energy efficient solutions, precise cooling and superior comfort. Danfoss enables real design strategies with the various compressor technologies in our offering, keeping in mind the total system life cycle cost".

Intermediate Discharge Valve for improved part-load efficiency


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