YANTAI PARIC INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Signed 5 Years Cooperation Framework Agreement With IRAN MSBA Company

- Dec 10, 2017 -

IRAN MSBA company , which is a famous and old company focus on HVAC& Industrial Refrigeration solutions in Iran , had agreed to develop long term cooperation with YANTAI PARIC INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. based on previous succeed cooperation .


Purpose of cooperation: the two sides take full advantage of their own resources and conditions to carry out cooperation, mutual benefit and mutual development.


Term of cooperation: the two parties' cooperation period is five years, from December 10, 2017 to December 31, 2022, the agreement expires automatically, both parties shall try to extend cooperation before agreement expired.


In the term of validity of this agreement, the cooperation between the two parties shall be included, but not limited to HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling)products.

Yantai Paric International Co.,Ltd

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M/P: +8613964503338

E-mail: perryxue@aliyun.com

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