The Necessity And Method Of Cleaning The Central Air Conditioning Pipe

- Nov 28, 2014 -

With central air-conditioning applications continues to expand, in some large business occasions and office occasions, central air conditioning has been widely used in construction, penetration in people's lives, such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, high-grade apartments in the relatively large flow of people, these places, requirements of central air-conditioning in the aspects of health the higher. Because of the long-term use of central air conditioning, there will be a lot of dust or impurities in the pipes of the central air conditioning. In order to protect the air quality, the central air conditioning pipeline cleaning is very important.

1. why should the central air conditioning pipeline be cleaned

The central air conditioning in the use process, there will be some dust or impurities accumulated in the air conditioning pipe, followed by bacteria and some unhealthy factors, if used for a long time but for central air-conditioning, central air-conditioning pipe does not wash it, it will greatly reduce the indoor air fresh, the user during use the central air conditioning without pipe cleaning, will not only seriously affect the cooling effect of central air-conditioning indoor machine, on the other hand in the breeding of bacteria will be accompanied by the air supply system is sent to the indoor, indoor air pollution will be, for some infectious diseases, the risk of using the central air conditioning is very high.

2. how to carry out the cleaning of the central air conditioning pipe

The cleaning of the central air-conditioning pipe, you can use micro robot in the pipeline in about the pollution situation of the inside of the pipe, after a certain understanding of the central air conditioning pipeline in central air-conditioning pipe cleaning plan, in addition to Guan Daoqing washing scheme, but also prepare some central air-conditioning pipe cleaning tool. Such as the proper cleaning brush, dust collector and hose, after cleaning, also need to clean the pipeline robot to take pictures, to test the cleaning quality, at the same time to please Detect qualified inspection agencies for cleaning central air conditioning pipe after cleaning the pipeline, and the detection method is to detect air quality generally speaking, the central air-conditioning pipe cleaning is the working range of professional cleaning pipeline related personnel after cleaning The cleaning records are required to be presented to the user.

For central air conditioning pipeline cleaning is very necessary, is also very important, the health of the central air conditioning pipeline seriously affects the air quality and indoor cleanliness.

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