Type And Structure Of The Intake Valve Of Screw Air Compressor?

- May 01, 2017 -

1. the use of piston type air inlet valve under the action of air compressor control car working piston air compressor intake valve. When the air compressor startup, shutdown and no-load discharge electromagnetic valve with a gas inlet to the gas piston, the piston upward closure; when the air compressor load after discharge was electric solenoid valve to stop the discharge, the piston chamber from the exhaust port, intake valve piston for intake pressure drop, intake valve. Air compressor load; when the pressure reaches the set pressure limit, discharge solenoid valve power began to discharge, and the intake valve piston, the intake valve is in a closed state. At this time the air compressor is in a state of no-load.

The piston type intake valve is composed of the air intake, the upper cover of the valve, the piston, the base and the relief solenoid valve.

2. butterfly intake control valve: the screw type air compressor is in the closed state when the air compressor is started, so as to ensure that no load is started. When the motor is loaded with heavy loads, the three-phase solenoid valve is opened after the power is added. The gas coming from the intake valve and the servo cylinder of the intake valve push the valve stem of the servo cylinder to drive the intake butterfly valve, so that it can fully open and start heavy load operation. The single swing check valve inside the butterfly intake control valve has its own counterweight and the fluorine rubber seal ring. When the screw compressor is started, the main engine is inhale. Due to the pressure difference, the check valve can be closed promptly and promptly, so as to ensure that there is no shutdown phenomenon. The opening and closing of the butterfly valve controls the cylinder by hand. According to the pressure signal and the counter proportion valve, the depth of the piston rod can be controlled, and the inlet or outlet of the screw air compressor can be adjusted by opening or closing the butterfly valve.

The structure of the butterfly intake control valve consists of a valve body, a single pendulum check valve, a butterfly valve and a servo cylinder.

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