Yantai Paric With His All Family Products Wish You A Happy New Year 2019!

- Jan 07, 2019 -

Yantai Paric With His All Family Products Wish You A Happy New Year 2019!

Refrigeration and air conditioning Compressor

screw compressor

Bitzer screw compressor

Hanbell screw compressor

Dunham bush screw compressor

MYCOM screw compressor

Moon screw compressor

RefComp refrigeration screw compressor

piston compressor

Bitzer piston compressor

Copeland piston compressor

MYCOM piston compressor

Moon piston compressor

RefComp Semi-hermetic Piston Compressor

centrifugal compressor

Carrier centrifugal compressor

HITACHI centrifugal compressor

Dunham bush centrifugal compressor

Tica centrifugal compressor

scroll compressor

Danfoss scroll compressor

Copeland scroll compressor

HITACHI scroll compressor

Refrigeration pump

Ammonia liquid pump

HERMETIC CAM series ammonia liquid pump

HERMETIC CNF  series ammonia liquid pump

Freon liquid pump

HERMETIC CAM series freon liquid pump

HERMETIC CNF  series freon liquid pump

CO2 liquid pump

HERMETIC CAM series CO2 liquid pump

HERMETIC CNF  series CO2 liquid pump

Heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger

ALFALAVAL Plate heat exchanger

APV Plate heat exchanger

Air heat exchanger

ALFALAVAL air cooler and condenser

Cabero air cooler and condenser

Refrigeration and air conditioning spare part

Refrigeration valve


HANSEN valve

AMG valve

DOFUN valve

Refrigeration filter

DANFOSS filter

HANSEN filter

AMG filter

DOFUN filter

Refrigeration accessories

Valve plate

Oil pump

Axial fan

Axial fan motor

Heater for crank case

Electric controller for oil pressure difference

Protecting controller

Heat protecting module for motor

Refrigeration pressure gauge

Refrigeration shaft seal

Refrigeration bearing

Refrigeration connecting Rod

Refrigeration crankshaft

Refrigeration cylinder Liner

Refrigeration discharge and Suction Valve

Refrigeration gasket Kit

Refrigeration piston

air conditioning accessories

Carrier air conditioning spare part

Trane air conditioning spare part

York air conditioning spare part

Daikin air conditioning spare part

Mcquay air conditioning spare part

Dunhambush air conditioning spare part

Ebara air conditioning spare part

Air conditioning

Residential air conditioning

T1 Residential air conditioning

T3 Residential air conditioning

Inveter Residential air conditioning

Fix speed Residential air conditioning

Light air conditioning

Floor standing air conditioner

Duct spilt unit

Cassette split unit

Convertible split unit

Super match air conditioner

Commercial air conditioning

Mini VRF

Air conditioning VRF

Central air conditioning

Air conditioning Mini chiller

Water cooled chiller

Air cooled chiller

Oil free Centrifugal Chiller

Centrifugal chiller

Air conditioning screw chiller

Air conditioning scroll chiller

Abosorption chiller

Fan coil unit

Air handling unit

One piece water cooled chiller

R134a One piece water cooled chiller

R22 One piece water cooled chiller

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