Electric Controller for Oil Pressure Difference

MP 54 and MP 55 differential pressure switches are used as safety switches to protect refrigeration compressors against low lubricating oil pressure.

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Electric Controller for Oil Pressure Difference

Danfoss MP54 / MP55 Oil pressure difference Controller



MP54 and MP55 oil pressure difference controller is a safety switch to prevent low lubricating oil pressure of refrigeration compressor. The pressure controller only acts under difference pressure, that is, the difference of pressure acting on the bellows in opposite directions, rather than according to the absolute pressure action on the two corrugated tubes.



wide range of regulation, available for refrigeration, refrigeration and air conditioning; suitable for all commonly used fluoride refrigerants; electrical connections are on the front of the controller. Ac and DC can be used, with screw cable inlet for 6-4mm diameter, small contact pressure difference, meet the performance requirements of EN60947.


Technical parameters:

230V or 115V AC / DC; allowable voltage fluctuation: +10%~-15%; maximum working pressure: PBN: 17bar. temperature compensation, time relay is temperature compensation type, compensation range is: -40 ~ 60 ℃; helical cable inlet: 1 / Pg ~ (13. 5); diameter of cable: 6: 0 ~ 14 mm; Corrugated tube maximum temperature: 100 ℃;

shock load: type A, time relay output contact M-S:

AC15: 2An 250V DC13: 0.2An 250V; Type B, no time relay:

AC15: 0.1An 250 V DC13: 12WN 125V type C, no time relay:

 AC1: 10A10: 250V, AC15: 4An 250V, DC13: 12WN 12W125V; maximum switching voltage difference 0.2bar special model 0.4bar.


Model parameter:

MP54 oil pressure difference controller, pressure difference range fixed 0.65 bar. maximum switch pressure difference 0.2 bar. low pressure side pressure range -1 ~ 12 bar. time relay release time 90sm

MP55 oil pressure difference controller, The range of pressure difference is 0.3 ~ 4.5bar. the maximum switching pressure difference is 0.2bar. the operating range of low-voltage side is -1- 12bar. the time relay release time is 90s;

the ammonia oil pressure difference controller MP55A is 0.34.5bar. the maximum switching pressure difference is 0.2bar. the operating range of low-voltage side is -1 ~ 12ba. R, time relay release time 90 s.



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