The company registered capital of 50 million, covers an area of over 50 mu with an industrial park of over 10000 square meters in Yantai.

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Dofun Valve

The company registered capital of 50 million, covers an area of over 50 mu with an industrial park of over 10000 square meters in Yantai. It owns a modem factory of over 20000 square meters and multiple world's advanced valve production lines and experimental text boards. The main products conclude stop valve, check valve, stop-check valve, throttle valve and filter, etc. With strong technical force, excellent production equipment, complete detection means, strict system management, superior and reliable products and continuous products innovation, the valves of various materials produced by the company have been widely used in sectors of refiigeration, petrifaction, oil refining, nuclear power, chemical engineering, metallurgy, medicine, food, national defense, war and urban construction .Thereafter, DOFUN has gained great fame and affect at home and abroad, and received remarkable performance.

Dofun technology valve structure features:

  1.the valve body adopting the low-temperature alloy steel casting or precision forged, Y-type structure, fluid resistance is small, does not produce heat and eddy current, no liquid, reducing the amount of refrigerant, liquid explosion and flash gas does not produce.

  2.Six grade sealed structure, all imported materials, completely eliminate the occurrence of leakage, six-protection, safe and reliable.

  3.304 stainless steel stem high corrosion resistance, never rust, the surface of nanotechnology (national patent) to improve the surface hardness, but also to finish Ra value ≤ 0.03, almost no friction, hand wheel can be achieved under any circumstances when opening and closing (no wrench required), normal open and close 5000 times without leakage. Greatly improve service life and safety.

  4.high strength die-casting aluminum bonnet, lightweight stainless steel, the bonnet has two different sizes within the Quartet (national patent), to achieve different types of stem opening and closing functions.

  5.Advanced modular design, to achieve the same valve body to install different functional components, to achieve different functions, convenient and quick.

  6.Long structure (national patent), when welding it is do not need to disassemble (each screw on the valve has a fixed torsion, torque can effectively prevent the installation of torque after dismantling improper leakage), effectively prevent the welding heat damage seal packing.

  7.New body sealing structure (national patent), to ensure that the valve can be effectively closed in any position, greatly improving safety.

Dofun technology advantages of the valve:

  With the rapid growth of modern production, the number of product categories and product models has grown rapidly, resulting in the rapid rise of R & D, production and service costs. Under this background, Dofun introduced the DOFUN-CTP platform for product modular design , Effectively reduce costs and improve product responsiveness to the market, while producing a global product to meet the diverse needs of customers.

  The DOFUN-CTP sharing platform is an efficient way of production, through modular applications that not only share part of the valve components, but are also tailored to the product's needs in terms of form factor and connection dimension.

  Uniform specifications of the accessories, reduce inventory costs.

  In the premise of not dismantling the pipeline, through the rapid conversion of functional modules to achieve different functions.

  Simplify the selection process, increase system design, installation and maintenance flexibility.

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